Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer Smoothies Going Bye Bye!!


I had to delay several orders due to the fact that I ran out of silver chains. I just can't keep them in stock!! I know that $5 for a sterling silver chain of this quality is actually really cheap, and I've had alot of people tell me I should raise my prices...but I offer the chain options to my clients as a special service to them. I'm not trying to make money off of that. I notice that some of my "competitors" <--(I call them this for lack of a better word, though I hate using that term) charge quite a bit more for their silver chains and such. I find it disappointing to be honest, as it seems like a blatant rip off to charge someone for a charm and then try to make an additional several dollars off of them for a chain. *shrugs* Better for me though, eh? =) I like taking care of you guys and keeping you all happy!

Also, I'm considering switching to only Priority Mail. Which means shipping prices would increase a bit. I'd love your thoughts on this. I'm just REALLY tired of spending hours at the post office mailing packages (plus gas prices are horrible). It would be so much easier methinks to just print the priority labels online and have them picked up. It's a shame you can't do First Class online. I'm just worried that people aren't going to be too happy with increased shipping prices, especially if they only order like one charm. Hmm...what to do...

Well...I'm about halfway done with the bulk of the Summer Smoothie Cupcakes...yeyyy!!! *clappity clap* I think I'm going to close off orders for them this week. Not sure exactly what day, but I'll send out a newsletter (as promised) to let you all know when exactly I will be closing the summer smoothie orders.

Why am I closing them? make room for my new Party Cupcakes of course! I absolutely adore these cupcakes, and they have been receiving fantastic reviews so I'm going to be creating a wide range of Party Cupcakes. You'll have the ability to customize your own on my website, as with all my cupcakes. ^_^ I think customization is just so special. Where else can you get an (affordable) item that you build from top to bottom! (I also have a little surprise planned where you'll be able to literally customize your own cupcake in real time on my website and see how it looks...yey how cool will that be?)

So the Party Cupcakes will most likely be the last items I add before I start introducing my fall line. Can you tell I'm uber excited about this? I would love to tell you all some of the items I'll be adding...but I know a few copycats that unfortunately stalk my sites and blog and like to make similar posts and similar items LOL (how unoriginal!!) so I'm not going to give anything away just yet. They'll actually have to force themselves to be creative for once. Imagine that!! =P

Cheers Tears & Bunny Ears!!
<3 Jeanine

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Updates From the Chocolate Room

Typically I send emails out to my customers to let them know the status of their order. Usually I only need to do that when the production is running a bit slow and I know that the TAT might be a little longer than promised. So I send emails letting people know, if their order is up next to be made, currently being made, occasionally an email to let them know when their item will ship if I can't get to the PO as soon as I would like, and always an email to confirm that their item has shipped.

But I'm this too much? I receive good feedback and thanks from everyone for keeping them as updated as I possibly can and lots of good feedback on my customer service, which is extremely important to me. But at the same time, sending those emails can be a bit taxing.

I'm thinking that instead of sending out all those emails, I'm going to encourage people to come to my blog where I will be regularly updating on the status of most orders. would work like this. You'd receive an auto email after your purchase. If....let's say 3 weeks go by and you're curious about your order status. You could come to my blog and read what order numbers I'm currently working on, what orders are in the next batch (I have to do everything in batches), and an estimated shipping time. Then when your order ships, I'll send you a confirmation email.

In version 2.0 of the Tiny Cravings site design, this will all be taken care of, as there will be customer accounts so you'd only have to login to your account, and click a button to check on the status of your order. But until that happy day...I think I'm going to have a little banner/table chart listing the batches, production, and estimated shipping for each batch. That should also help keep ME on schedule, yeah? =)

I'll be posting order updates here shortly. Just need to figure out the best way to do it. =)


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Monday, July 14, 2008

Is It Fall Yet? -oops

So what's new in the wonderful world of Tiny Cravings?

Things have been really quiet lately (not for me, but with you lot =P)...yes I realize it's summer and all, but I can't help but wonder where people are disappearing to! =) Possibly silently awaiting the arrival of their goodies after a well deserved online game of hop scotch where in your credit card is currently having a lay in from overwork? I know lots of people who went all out at the beginning of summer and are now just sitting back, picking their teeth with a toothpick, rubbing their bellies, and waiting for their packages to arrive. Ha!!

I'm still working on Summer Smoothie's like the neverending fruit cupcake at the moment. I definitely plan on taking photos after the majority of them are made, as I do so love to see them all lined up and looking so pretty.

Oh and speaking of photos...dun dun DUN!! I myself just spent a pretty penny on a new digital camera. Can't wait to get her! Yes, apparently I've decided that it's a she? Who knows why. Perhaps her sleek and sexy appearance? It's a Canon SLR, top notch and hopefully worth every cent. I've never owned a Canon but have only heard the best. And with this magical new photographing device I will be able to bring you only the most amazing and mouth watering photos of your favorite Tiny Cravings goodies. You'll see!! But you should be just as excited as I am.

Am I crazygirl already getting excited for Halloween? I can't deny that Halloween...Thanksgiving (the ever-so-popular excuse to gorge your face in between), and of course Christmas are without a doubt THE most amazing times of year. That whole Fall/Early Winter crossover leaves me feeling all wonderfully warm and enchanted inside. =)

Sooo this year (I'm already working on new items) I'm going all out for the holiday seasons. And I am really really excited to start sharing some of my Halloween designs with you lot. But it's far too early for that...right? Maybe by early August I'll start showing off some of the up coming "stuff" to get your pumpkins in a bunch.

So to sum up. Lots and lots of Summer Smoothie Cupcakes currently in production. New camera on its way!! Really fantastic new photos coming soon. Halloween designs coming soon!! *gets excited* I plan on getting everyone pumped up and pumpkined out for Halloween this year. Yeyyy!!!


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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Buzz Buzz...

Hey everyone!

I'm buzzing around like a little bee on a nectar high working my fuzzy buzzing butt off on these Summer Smoothie Cupcake orders!!

Just a little note: if you bought a Summer Smoothie Cupcake before I added the option to pick your own base color, or you forgot to select a cupcake base color when purchasing...just send me a quick email. Otherwise, I'll be picking your cupcake base color for you as I see best fits your topping choices. =P

I'll be shipping the Party Cupcakes that sold on Etsy on Monday so if you ordered one of those, keep your eye on the mail mid-next week. There's still two Party Cups available on my Etsy so go check em out! TC Etsy

And as I've told lots and lots of people...I'll be adding the Party Cupcakes to my website for you to fully customize soon. But first I need to finish the majority of these Summer Smoothie ones before adding anything else at the moment!! =)

Tis all for now.


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Monday, July 7, 2008

New Party Cupcakes

Hello dumplings!

Have I mentioned that I looove when people read and comment on my blog? =P You guys are awesome.

So here's another little sneak peek at my newest cupcake design...Party Cupcakes!! How fun are these. I noticed some people mentioning that they would like even tinier cupcakes than the ones I had been you go! These are my smallest cupcake style, just over 1/2" tall by 1/2" wide and deliciously scented in yummy Buttercream Frosting to keep you sticking them up your nosies all day. ^_^

I'll be listing several of these cupcakes on my etsy this evening: Tiny Cravings Etsy

And I'll be putting them up on my website soon. But not yet...the orders are still pouring in for the Summer Smoothie Cupcakes and I don't want to cut those off just yet. =) But I'll send an email when the new Party Cupcakes are up on my website. You'll even be able to order these by the dozen/half dozen at a discount.


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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Buttercream Cupcake

A teeny tiny tease of my newest cupcakes... (probably my favorite so far)

Like them? They remind me a bit of the Sweet Nikki cupcake from Bangerang Bake Shop (used to be Fat Daddy). Same yellow cake and pink buttercream frosting. Looking at it now I guess I was sort of unknowingly inspired by Nikki's cupcake design. So I gotta give her credit for that. Bangerang Bake Shop



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Friday, July 4, 2008

Sugar Scrub Sundaes by the Scoop!

Don't you just love alliteration? Especially when it fits without even having to try. =P

Anyways! If you love sugar scrubs (and who doesn't?) you're going to fall in love with Cocoapink's new Scrub Sundae Bar, where you can buy scrubs by the scoop and put together your own delicious and amazing sugar scrub sundae!!

Check it out!! Cocoapink Sugar Scrub Sundae Bar

Uhhh one word comes to mind...YUM!?

I placed an order last night for a Pistachio/Vanilla Waffle Cone, Buttercream Frosting/Blackberry, and over a dozen single scoop samples: Black Chocolate, Vanilla Bean Noel, Strawberry Noel, London Lemon Curd, Waffle Cone, Green Tea Ice Cream, Pina Colada Cotton Candy, and many more (ONLY $1.50 each for samples!!! O_O).

I figure that her 1 oz. sample sizes are *perfect* for one use in the shower. Full body scrub down. If you're not doing a full body they could last you two or three showers even. Sooo I love buying scrub samples because a. they are 50% off at the moment, and b. they are one shot wonders so you can use one amazing scrub in one shower and not have to worry about water or bacteria and such getting into your large size scrubs that live in your shower. =)

In fact, I'll probably go back and buy more scrub samples later today. Addicted? Why yes, yes I am. AND for good reason! I promise I'm not the only cocoapink-hair crack-obsessed-koolaid-drinking-rabid-fangirl, just visit her forum and you'll see what I mean. Girls clawing each other to get their hands on these items! Ok, not really. At least, not anymore. But when she first opened, I wouldn't put it past some of them! hehe. Also come by and say HI to me if you join the forum. It's the happiest place online!!

Cocoapink Forum


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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Summer Fruit Smoothie Cupcake Pics


Summer Smoothie Cupcakes...

Purchase one from my etsy: Tiny Cravings Etsy


Customize your very own on my site! Tiny Cravings Jewelry

Here are some photos of my new summer cupcakes. You get to choose the toppings from an assortment of different fruits and can have them with the crystal sugar sprinkles or without (more like the spring ones).

(pictured above)
Strawberry, Raspberry, Blackberry - Berry Smoothie
Orange, Peach - Fuzzy Navel Smoothie
Pineapple Smoothie
Strawberry, Banana Smoothie
Watermelon Smoothie
Orange, Lemon, Limon - Citrus Smoothie
Blueberry Smoothie


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