Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays!!

Ok I'll just say it since everyone else seems too afraid to these days...Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope you are all enjoying some well deserved rest, fun, and festivities. Of course like most of you, I too, have been exceedingly busy and must apologize for the blatant recent neglect of this blog. However I am thrilled that all my holiday orders went out in time, though in my rush to package and ship your items I continually found myself forgetting to take photos! Shame shame shame.

(All images and their respective designs are Copyright Tiny Cravings Jewelry 2007, please ASK FIRST before using any of my images, thanks!)

I did manage to snap a few shots of a custom Roses & Thorns Cupcake that I particularly loved. =)

And also a custom Pink Sugar mini-bottle replica that makes the most adorable keychain! I'll admit it was hard letting this one go, as I truly love Aquolina's Pink Sugar myself, and don't be surprised if I decide to make one of these cuties for myself.

I have some extremely fun and exciting things in store for the new year, so be expecting some spectacular new items. Please visit my website to subscribe to my email newsletter so that you'll be the first to know what is going on with Tiny Cravings!


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Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Few of My Favorite Things...

"Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings,
These are a few of my favorite things..."

A new tradition has begun with this first post about my favorite things, that shall continue weekly...perhaps more often, perhaps less often...depending on how frequently my ever-changing obsessions cycle through my utmost desires and fully encompass my thoughts to the point of delirious euphoria. Those who expect some magical all encompassing enchantment to suddenly descend into their lives will find themselves, sadly disappointed and disenchanted with the world they know outside of story books.

For how easily and how often those seekers of rhapsodic ravishment forget...that life's true rapture the little things. And it is in these little, everyday, and most uncommonly remarkable marvels that we are able to ascertain some of the pieces to the perplexing puzzles which comprise our very own day to day fairy tales.

And thus I bring you, the first collection which comprises my current catalog of Favorite Things. Enjoy. And...remember...don't ever underestimate the little things in life.

Unhealthy Obsession - Fatdaddybakeshop

So take my most favoritest thing ever...the cupcake...give it a complete makeover with the finest ingredients, add a tantalizing amount of flavor combinations, and give them adorably irresistable names. And now for the piece de resistance...stuff it all gloriously into a jar and ship it straight to my doorstep. The woman is a genius, I could kiss her for inventing pure joy in a jar!! Nicole, from Fat Daddy Bake Shop, a fully licensed bakery in Chicago has enjoyed sweet success from her innovative and patent pending, cupcake in a jar. I would certainly take my hat off to her, were I wearing one at the moment.

Upon visiting her Etsy ShopI was overcome with fits of jubilation and immediately resolved to place an order for a "Custon YOU PICK 6 - Any Cupcake Flavors". Ahh but the choices, the choices!! In the end I went with a Red Velvet Revolution, Tipsy Monkey (Bananas Foster), Irish Cream Dream, Sugar Daddy Cupcake, Berry Berry Dark, and PMS/Chocolate Overload. I patiently await their arrival...*rocks back and forth watching for the mail to arrive*

Amazing Artist Alert - Anarkitty

I had the good fortune of stumbling upon her relatively new Deviant Art Site and was hooked immediately. And as any decent stalker would do, I ventured to her Personal Website...where I found that she is certainly no novice or undiscovered artist as one might assume from her meager DA pageviews. Emma Geary, AKA Anarkitty has been creating amazing eyecandy for years, her works being published in several magazines, and her artwork on exhibit around London.

"The name Anarkitty was born from her love of cats. Their self gratifying, aloof and esoteric attitude encased in elegance and cuteness are traits Emma includes in her work. The colourful flowing simplicity of her artwork adds a backdrop to the complexity behind a look or a glance, which she encapsulates in her ladies beautiful and beguiling eyes, in turn leaving the onlooker to decipher their own personal meaning."

If you'd like to get your hands on one of her original artworks, which I have every intention of doing, it will run you upwards of $1,000. But that's mere pennies when you consider you'll be receiving a very large 40" x 40" original oil on canvas masterpiece!

Tales of Comfort - Alice in Wonderland Micro Rascel Throw

"These soft and cozy micro raschel throws are a great gift for anyone on your holiday list. From Deery-Lou to Jack Skellington, you'll find a character that's perfect for snugglin."

Those who are unaware of my eternal Alice in Wonderland obsession, and self-proclaimed "Alice Complex" will soon gain insight into this infatuation...but first I must express, that even without the Alice in Wonderland print, this item would still have made it's way onto my list in some design or another. Never have you ever wrapped yourself up in something so sedatingly soft, warm, and cozy. But as Levar Burton so often said, "Don't take my word for it!" must own one of these for yourself. Get one of your own at

A New Infatuation - Cocoapink

I am going to say point blank...Ilona from Cocoapink is pure genius at what she does, and a real class act as well. You'd be hard pushed to find anyone that is more knowledgable or talented than she at creating the prefect hair, face, and bath & body products, or a woman who works with as much passion and love in what she does.

You may, or may not, have noticed that I've had the great honor and pleasure of bringing Cocoapink to life graphically in creating illustrations for her website and for print, but I assure you, my love for Cocoapink lies truly in the products, which speak for themselves...and they are certainly talking quite loudly.

Her Shine Sweetie hair conditioner has been met with exceptional praise, the trend is quickly sweeping through the country as people from all over are claiming that their hair is suddenly much more shiney, soft, and flirtatiously touchable. And I admit I am blessed to count myself among that lucky crowd.

But it doesn't end there, don't get me started on her Voluptuous Body Butters which leave you feeling like silk and smelling irresistable, her amazing handmade artisan soaps that carry the side-effect of causing one to want to wash their hands every fifteen minutes, her fantastic scrubby bars, incomparable anti-aging collection, and various other goodies that I've developed an unhealthy infatuation with...and I don't plan on ending this relationship anytime soon!

Keep an eye out for my next edition of "A Few of My Favorite Things" ...and until then...remember the little things. And don't forget to smile. =)

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Tiny Cravings Blog

I used to have this whole little intro on my website, but over time there just doesn't seem to be room for it instead of passing into oblivion I thought it would make a nice first post in my shiny new blog!

Look around to discover a wonderful treat,
Charms that look and smell good enough to eat,
From cupcakes and ice cream to slices of pies,
Jewelry so yummy you won't believe your eyes.
Necklaces, earrings, and charm bracelets too,
Handmade, customized, and designed just for you!

To my fellow sweet tooth lovers, jewelry, and confectionary cognoscenti, to those who love jewelry that smells as good as it looks, and looks as good as it smells, and to those who wish to own a completely unique, stylish, custom made piece of jewelry...I hope that you will come to love Tiny Cravings as much as I do!

All of my jewelry is fully customizable. That means, YOU pick your own cupcake icing, toppings, lollipop swirl flavors, chocolates, cookies, and many more! That way, you get an item that you really want and item that is all your OWN, and smells fantastic as well!

I love making sweet little charms, but even more so, I love being able to share them with all of you. Nothing makes me happier than receiving wonderful feedback from my customers! I am entirely devoted to customer satisfaction and will always do my best to make sure that you are 100% satisfied!

Much love,

Tiny Cravings Jewelry