Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tiny Cravings On Etsy!

Hello everyone!

I hope you're all enjoying the Fall Season?

Well I am officially moving to Bangkok, Thailand for a few months on November 11th!!

What does that mean for Tiny Cravings? Basically until I can get settled into my new apartment and figure out the ins and outs of shipping from Thailand and all that fun stuff (sure), I won't be able to accept custom orders. However! I have lots and lots of new and amazing items already available for sale right now on my Tiny Cravings Etsy!

The last of the Buttercream Party Cupcakes are all listed, as well as awesome new fall items like Pumpkin Pie Necklaces & Rings, and Caramel Apple Earrings...all which smell absolutely amazing by the way! If you love Pumpkin or Caramel Apple scents you need to pick one of these items up. =)

Also I've introduced a new collection of top quality absolutely stellar lockets. I have a few Nightmare Before Christmas inspired PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE SCENTED!!! lockets, as well as some beautiful Steampunk Heart Lockets, and some adorable Glowing Shroom Scenery Lockets. The Steampunk heart lockets are currently sold out, but I hope to have more steampunk items soon. Also a few of the lockets even GLOW in the dark, how cute is that?

Plus I currently have the yummiest Buttercream Birthstone Cupcakes available. Right now I only have 1 cupcake for each month, and there are still several months left so go and pick one up before they're all gone, as I don't know if I'll be making anymore of these yet or not. =)

I'm going to be listing all sorts of adorable Christmas/Holiday lockets as well...Gingerbread Houses, Christmas Town Scenes, all scented in gingerbread or candy cane yumminess depending on the design. So keep checking back for when I update my etsy with these new designs.

The best way to stay informed of what is available is to join my email newsletter on my Tiny Cravings Homepage.