Tuesday, September 23, 2008

No Time To Say Hello Goodbye

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of updates recently...I've been smothered under a mound of orders and emails and am only very slowly beginning to crawl my way back out. Starting to see a very faint light at the end of the tunnel...

Anyways. When Tiny Cravings began, I wanted to be sure to give you, the customer, as many options as possible to completely customize your perfect jewelry items. However as time goes on I'm finding that there are just far too many of you with far too many tastes and interests that I simply cannot keep up in the customization aspect. Therefore, there will be big changes to Tiny Cravings soon...for you see...I too have my own tastes and interests...and most often...they do not coincide with that of my customers. Well they do at first, but by the 500th or so cupcake...it gets old. You understand? =) Yes, I think so.

So, I know I said I would have tons of Halloween items, but instead I'll be spending most of October preparing for a Halloween Ball where I will have a table and will be peddling my lovely Tiny Cravings items. I plan on having ALOT of items just in case, but have a feeling that I will probably over prepare...so everything that doesn't sell at the Ball will be listed on my etsy. Most likely at very reduced prices, depending on if it's Halloween stuff, general Fall stuff, Christmas...etc.

Which means that I'll most likely be closing off most of the online shop while I am preparing. I don't think I'll ever completely stop taking custom orders...I hate to disappoint and have a real problem saying "no" ...but in general, the custom options will disappear, and when Tiny Cravings comes back after Halloween with lots of great stuff for Christmas, there won't be many custom items anymore. I'll most likely be making what I want...whatever I want...and whatever I want seems to always be popular for at least awhile. I don't know if I'll completely start putting everything up on etsy or redesign my website to accommodate this...we'll see. I still have a long way to go before I get to that point. =P

But I'll be sure to keep everyone updated with what I'm doing in the next month, and take photos of the work that I'm doing, and lots of photos at the Ball on Halloween. =) I hope it's as fun as I'm expecting!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ike remnants cause power outages in Ohio, Kentucky

Tiny Cravings is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Still 500,000 without power today!


NEW YORK, Sept 15 (Reuters) - The remnants of Hurricane Ike caused massive power outages across Ohio and Kentucky and into western Pennsylvania, with more than 1.6 million customers still without service early Monday, local utilities said.

Those areas joined Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana that were hit hard by the powerful storm. Ike left more than 3.5 million without power in the six states by Monday, according to the U.S. Department of Energy and utility companies.

The storm landed on the Texas coast early Saturday morning and then headed north and east through the Ohio Valley. High winds caused by the storm caused trees to fall onto power lines.

Duke Energy (DUK.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) crews were assessing damage and responding to outages that affected about 600,000 in Ohio and Kentucky, down from almost 1 million outages on Sunday, Duke said.

Most of Duke's outages were in the Cincinnati area.

FirstEnergy said at one point on Sunday about 1 million of its customers in Ohio and western Pennsylvania were without power. By Monday, about half of those had been restored. The hardest-hit areas were in Cleveland, Akron, Springfield and Youngstown in Ohio and Erie in Pennsylvania, the company said.

It could take days before power is restored to all customers, FirstEnergy (FE.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) said.

AEP (AEP.N: Quote, Profile, Research, Stock Buzz) unit AEP Ohio said more than 300,000 customers were without power in Ohio on Sunday night.

Also, about 231,000 Louisville Gas & Electric customers and 30,000 Kentucky Utilities customers were without power early Monday, according to the LG&E website. (Reporting by Eileen Moustakis and Bernie Woodall; Editing by John Picinich)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Update

Hey everyone!

Ok so I know this may disappoint alot of you ladies, especially those who have been anticipating the new Fall/Halloween stuff...but there will be a plus side, I promise.

I am so excited, because I got a table at this Enchanted Ball on Halloween here in downtown Cincinnati where I live. My cousin runs the event so I'll have a great table. =) However this means that I will be spending the rest of this month finishing up and getting everyone's orders out, and probably the entire month of October just preparing for the Ball...therefore I might have to close off online order during that time.

I know, I know...everyone gets so upset when I close the site down. But sometimes there's just no other way around it, unless I start giving people ridiculous 6-8 week TATs, and I already hate having it at 4 weeks! We'll see. I expect that it will take alot of preparing for this ball, as they are expecting around 1,000 people, and I'm going to be doing tons of Halloween stuff. Lots of Nightmare Before Christmas/Tim Burton style jewelry. =) Also lots of Gothic Lolita jewelry and accessories as well.

But here's the good news. Everything doesn't sell at the Ball will be up for sale on my etsy...and better yet...since I'll be selling Halloween stuff, after Halloween is over, expect it all to be much cheaper. So Basically, I'll have a huge after Halloween type sale. I'll still have lots of other fall goodies though, and hopefully will knock you girls out by the time Christmas comes...which I will start preparing for right after Halloween. =)

I'm really excited though! I will be super dressed up, am hoping for a Gothic Cinderalla type theme...you know, because it's a Ball...and this girl has been single way too long! hehe....maybe I'll meet my Prince right? Even if I am stuck behind a table all night. =P But I'm sure I'll have awesome friends who will help out as well so I can wander around and meet people.

If you are in the Cincinnati area...come to the Enchanted Ball...it will be amazing. I am so excited for this!! =)

<3 Jeanine

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quick Update

I was so wanting to be properly prepared for Fall this year but time is making quite the fool of me. I will be shipping a ton of orders out in the next 2 weeks and after that I might have to take most of the items down from the site while I continue to play catch up and get things ready for Halloween. =)

I will most likely be posting ready made things up on Etsy and cease the custom orders for awhile. I'll be sure to let everyone know what I'll be posting and when. There are a few things here and there...like an extra blueberry smoothie cupcake, and a pineapple smoothie cupcake that I might post. Other than that the Summer Smoothies are RETIRED. For now. I'm sure they'll be back next year, but I've had many people asking when the Summer Smoothies are coming back...and well...what can I say...summer is OVER! Thank goodness. =P

I also plan on standardizing my cupcakes. Most likely, the only sort of cupcake bases I'll do from now on are the more realistic style ones as seen on the new buttercream cupcakes. So that means that the birthday cupcakes, the oreo ones, even the swirly top ones (if I don't decide to discontinue them, which I am seriously considering), will all have the same realistic style cupcake base. I want to change them now but I just don't have photos of them, and I don't want to send people something when they were expecting it to look differently (even if they like it better). So I might have to take all the cupcakes down until I can get photos of the new standardized look of them.

And yes, I did say I will most likely be discontinuing the swirly top cupcakes. It's not because they don't sell...in fact they are still a favorite...I just personally don't really like them anymore. And well, I'm not going to sell something that I don't like just because it makes me money. *shrug* I suppose it's not good business, but I'm an artist first and foremost and that's what matters most to me.