Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cocoapink Lolita Sets!!

Lolita Sets!

Ok Cocoapink...aka Hair, Bath, and Body CRACK is having a Lolita Set sale. You girls MUST check these out. Not only are they adorable, the artwork done by the very talented Aika...but Cocoapink products and customer service, all around company is the best out there. My hair is longer and healthier than it's ever been. You won't understand the obsession/addiction until you try it for yourself. I've enabled so many people to CP and they all love me for it, you will too. =)

So treat yourself. There's something for everyone. If you love sweet (like me) get the Sweet Lolita, which is mostly Cake on Mondays scents which is the most delicious almond cinnamon cream cheese cake's just to die for!! And it comes with a pumpkin cream cheese sugar scrub and a brownie face mask!! OMG. Or if you like fruity, try the Wa-Loli, or if you like sultry and deep sexy notes, try the Gothic Loli. Really go check them out now. You won't regret it. $40 for all those amazing bath stuffs plus free shipping...and they are quick ship sets! That means they'll ship in just a few days. Go NOW!!! LOL

Also, come join us on the Cocoapink Forum. The women are amazing and we never stop gushing over how amazing these products are, so come hang out. =) Cocoapink Forum

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Seeking Sanity

Hey guys...sorry I've been a bit MIA lately I've been crazy busy trying to get things done, entertaining company from out of town, dealing with a few supplier issues etc. etc. etc. I'm totally bummed out that I haven't even been able to BEGIN work on my Halloween goodies yet, and I'm still WAY behind on orders. I'm thinking of hiring a small contingency of Oompa Loompas...I hear they are amazing workers and their tiny little hands would be perfect for the job.

I really hate having TAT so long and making people wait weeks for their orders, but it's either that or close down the shop while I catch up for awhile...and that seems to cause even more confusion and stress attempting to answer the flood of emails I get about when I'll be opening back up or restocking, etc. I've already had lots and lots of requests to re-open the Summer Smoothies...but I tell ya...I just can't do it captain! I don't have the power!! =P

We had family visiting from Canada all weekend and of course it was my job to play entertainment director. If you've ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding it might give you a small image of what I was having to deal with ALL weekend. Yes. Being Arabic you get used to these things...but when you are trying to run a business and deal with pushy Arabs (no offense to my family I love them...but Arabs can be REALLY pushy lmao)...something's gotta give. In this case, quite likely my sanity? Let's hope not.

So now after a really long weekend all I want to do is rest, but the orders keep mounting up and there's just no time. I've never been one to claim that there aren't enough hours in the day but I tell ya...there just aren't! 24 just isn't enough. Yes I say 24 because sleep has quite simply become a thing of the past. I used to be quite an avid lucid dreamer.

Hopefully sometime this week I'll be able to get back on track...and eventually get to start working on my new items. I was really hoping that this would be a quiet month so I could focus on fall items but it has turned out to be quite the opposite! Oh, don't you just love the irony?

I have plans. Big plans. Many plans. But time is making a fool of me...and I'm starting to get quite peeved. There's not much else I can do besides give up sleep. If only I had a Time Turner...*sighs* ...put that on my list of things I need, right along side a Pensieve.

I also need a break from clay, so once...if I ever catch up on these orders, I'm going to do more illustration work, and other designs. I'll be working with other materials and I'm getting clayed out really quickly. We shall see. We shall see. Sorry I don't have better news or cheerier things to post about. I'm stressed to the limit and things just keep managing to go wrong no matter how hard I try to do things right.

Free hugs anyone? I need them. Lots of them. I'll update again soon...once my head doesn't feel as though it's completely detached from my body.

<3 Jeanine

Friday, August 8, 2008

Photos As Promised =)

I promised you guys I'd post some pics of my new Buttercream Cupcakes. I really love these...jeez do they smell wonderful. They smelled up the entire room I was photographing them in I swear haha. Mmmm so yummy!! These are available for sale and customization on my go have fun! =) Buttercream Cupcakes.

**All images, text, and jewelry designs copyright Tiny Cravings Jewelry. Do not copy or attempt to replicate my designs. If you want to use one of my photos please email me first!

What do you guys think of these so far? They are still sort of in the refining stage. I'm not sure if I like the brighter colors, or the more pastel ones that I posted several posts back.

Cheers Tears & Bunny Ears!
<3 Jeanine

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