Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Custom Cupcake Scarves!

How adorable is this cupcake scarf! Handmade, completely and fully customizable from cupcake color, to icing flavor, to toppings. I'm having a promotional sale to announce the arrival of these irresistible accessories. Make sure you are signed up for my newsletter (link can be found here: Tiny Cravings)

Soon to follow...matching cupcake hats, purses, hairpieces, and pins! All fully customizable of course.

To create your own cupcake accessories visit: www.tinycravings.com


Tiny Cravings Fashion

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Goodies Coming Soon!

It's been such a busy time for me, I've managed to allow my dear blog to fall into a state of advanced neglect. But no longer! =)

First thing's first...yes there will be lots of exciting new things coming to Tiny Cravings very soon. Yey, it's about time, right? I bet some of you were starting to think I've lost my creative flair? =P (ok...maybe temporarily)

So what's coming??

I'm getting ready for fall early this year! That's right...I said it...Fall! I know it's barely summer and all that, but I'm discovering that the more time I prepare, the better the season. So very very soon (as soon as I get the photoshoot done)...I am going to put up some **absolutely gorgeous** handmade crocheted cupcake scarves!!!

Here's a teeny tiny special early bird taste...

The best part...these will be entirely custom made, just for you. So, like everything else on my website...you get to design your own! I'm excited. =)

Along with the adorable new scarves will come matching hats, handbags, and other items that you'll be able to purchase in matching sets. I'm working with some absolutely wonderful and talented young ladies who will be filling all your custom scarf orders, and I've even got a wonderful new clay artist who will be helping me with your custom clay orders so that I can get them out to you much faster. (introductions to these wonderful ladies coming soon)

I've got many more things on the way...but I don't want to overload anyone just yet. But here's a tiny peak at the newest handmade scented roses & thorns lockets. Completely custom made for each and every customer. These are available now on my website.


Tiny Cravings Jewelry

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

*clicks heels together*

Just a quick update...

I'm back home (in the States) and getting comfy again after 4 amazing months in Bangkok. But not TOO comfy, I'm trying to get caught up on orders now that I'm home. The whole store is still open for now, but I will probably be closing off custom orders shortly so I can work on some new designs. =) I have lots of great ideas for the lockets!

You can find out about your order on the Order Status/TAT page of my website.

Updates soon.


Tiny Cravings Jewelry

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bangkok Update

Hey everyone!

Yes I realize it's been AGES since I updated my blog. Shame on me! Things have been sooo crazy since moving to Bangkok but I'm loving every minute of it. I'll get more into all of that later...for now I wanted to mention that I've reopened the store for custom ordering for a short period. So right now, everything on the front page is available for sale and customization. Custom Ordering will remain open for another week, then I will probably have to close it down for a bit to play catch up! =P

Make sure to check out my Etsy too and take a look at these adorable new cake rings and pendants available!
Tiny Cravings Etsy.

Also take a look at my gorgeous new Silver Lockets, scented with little handcrafted scenes inside!

Much Love,

Tiny Cravings Jewelry