Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is It Spring Yet?

I realize I've been neglecting my blog. It seems to be cyclical in nature with me...I become obsessed with certain things for small amounts of time, then it quickly passes onto another obsession, and while I'm in the midst of a creative or obsession vortex I tend to forget about everything else. Is that what ADD is? =P

Anyways...I've finally managed to collect my mailing list after losing hundreds of contacts after my hard drive committed electricide. *tear* So I've just blasted hundreds of people with my first *official* newsletter, announcing my new Spring Cupcakes. I must say...I love these things. I'm a little reluctant to say goodbye to them, but I'll be happy to see them going to good homes. =) Only a few are currently in stock and the rest will be pre-order.

Here are some images from my lovely spring cupcake collection. Please don't use these images without my permission. =)

Yes...they are all scented, and yes that is a MOJITO cupake there. It's my favorite, and it smells dead on a Mojito. It makes me want to get out the Bacardi Limon, limes, mint, sugar, and mash up a pitcher of these like I used to do when I bartended in South Beach. =P Ahh memories!

I actually miss bartending. I might try to start doing it like twice a week or something just for fun, but I'm also trying to FOCUS (ADD?? LOL) my time and energy into creating my masterpiece. Which is why you haven't seen many new clay designs and such from me lately. Things are changing. I'm growing. Things are's all very exciting. And all very time consuming as well. But Tiny Cravings will always hold that special place in my heart and I doubt I could ever do away with it completely, I'm just really working on THE MAIN EVENT now. =)

Oh, if you want the latest news and stuff...sign up for my Newsletter on my website. ^_^

Cheers! =)

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