Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Phew! I just sent out a ton of orders today. =)

It always feels great to get a large batch done. However, I always seem to manage to forget to take photos before shipping! Grr. *slaps wrist*

So I know I've already raved about cocoapink.net, but owner Ilona now has her forum up and running and it is absolutely gorgeous! I'm an admin over there, so come and visit me and check out her totally fab products: Cocoapink Forum

I just got my brand new oven in the mail today...yey! Never thought I'd be excited to get an oven haha. It's for clay in case you were wondering. I'm moving into my dad's shop and setting up a nice roomy work space for myself so I can be totally devoted to my craft...and my room won't be cluttered with shipping supplies and half packed orders and such. =) Also I'm going to TRY to work semi-normal hours, as my typical work hours usually involve me working from 6pm-5am. Why? I dunno I just seem to get more done at night! lol

Take care all! And don't forget to check out what's available on my etsy: tinycravings.etsy.com


Saturday, February 9, 2008

New Section, Currently Craving

Good News!

I understand that some of you would prefer the convenience of obtaining your Tiny Cravings items immediately, rather than waiting a few weeks for me to make them.

Therefore, I've decided to start listing those few items which I currently have in stock. These items will ship a few days after purchase, and what's better; they will be cheaper than the customized items!

If you'd like to receive updates on what items I currently have in stock at Tiny Cravings, please subscribe to the email newsletter on my homepage.

There are TWO places you can find my stocked items!!


Tiny Cravings Jewelry