Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Custom Cupcake Scarves!

How adorable is this cupcake scarf! Handmade, completely and fully customizable from cupcake color, to icing flavor, to toppings. I'm having a promotional sale to announce the arrival of these irresistible accessories. Make sure you are signed up for my newsletter (link can be found here: Tiny Cravings)

Soon to follow...matching cupcake hats, purses, hairpieces, and pins! All fully customizable of course.

To create your own cupcake accessories visit: www.tinycravings.com


Tiny Cravings Fashion


lovely little deer said...

I still need a cupcake of yours so bad!!!!!!!

Jeanine said...

I would so love to make you something. And then you can take pictures of your fabulous self wearing it and I'll feel cool & special like all the other awesome designers whose goodies you model so perfectly! ;D

Cravings Frocks said...


I followed a link here from TwoCheesePlease, because our blog names are similar. I'm glad I did!

Sheep said...

You're just amazing! i spend HOURS on every little piece, and still don't do anything nearly as perfect as the charms on this site! it's the craft i enjoy the most, but i have no clue what-so-ever!! do you make tutorials? i'd love to get something like that! even for money :)) so plz write back. ^^"