Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Update

Hey everyone!

Ok so I know this may disappoint alot of you ladies, especially those who have been anticipating the new Fall/Halloween stuff...but there will be a plus side, I promise.

I am so excited, because I got a table at this Enchanted Ball on Halloween here in downtown Cincinnati where I live. My cousin runs the event so I'll have a great table. =) However this means that I will be spending the rest of this month finishing up and getting everyone's orders out, and probably the entire month of October just preparing for the Ball...therefore I might have to close off online order during that time.

I know, I know...everyone gets so upset when I close the site down. But sometimes there's just no other way around it, unless I start giving people ridiculous 6-8 week TATs, and I already hate having it at 4 weeks! We'll see. I expect that it will take alot of preparing for this ball, as they are expecting around 1,000 people, and I'm going to be doing tons of Halloween stuff. Lots of Nightmare Before Christmas/Tim Burton style jewelry. =) Also lots of Gothic Lolita jewelry and accessories as well.

But here's the good news. Everything doesn't sell at the Ball will be up for sale on my etsy...and better yet...since I'll be selling Halloween stuff, after Halloween is over, expect it all to be much cheaper. So Basically, I'll have a huge after Halloween type sale. I'll still have lots of other fall goodies though, and hopefully will knock you girls out by the time Christmas comes...which I will start preparing for right after Halloween. =)

I'm really excited though! I will be super dressed up, am hoping for a Gothic Cinderalla type know, because it's a Ball...and this girl has been single way too long! hehe....maybe I'll meet my Prince right? Even if I am stuck behind a table all night. =P But I'm sure I'll have awesome friends who will help out as well so I can wander around and meet people.

If you are in the Cincinnati area...come to the Enchanted will be amazing. I am so excited for this!! =)

<3 Jeanine


Elisa said...

Sounds super exciting!!! I'm sure you'll meet a lot of new people and get a lot of compliments! ^__^
And with all those wonderful scents be sure you'll meet a Prince :9 hehe

ramones-fan said...

Hahaha, I doubt they'll be anything left to sell on your etsy! You're creations are soooo good, I wouldn't be surprised at all if you sell out!

Ooooh, do we get a picture of you dressed up as this Cinderella?!

Shannon said...

sounds like a great time wish they had something like that near me. i love anything TNBC and gothic lolita. i agree you'll probably sell out but i can't wait to see what gorgeous halloween/pumpkin things you come up with =) definately take pictures i bet you'll be adorable dressed up and will surely nab a prince!